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My love for sports started with Hockey. First, as a huge Blackhawks fan which then later grew to include the Coyotes. My family enjoyed wagering on hockey and I was curious how it all worked. They explained, I listened and learned. After placing and winning some bets on my own, I became very interested in sports betting. Over the last 15 years, I have expanded my expertise to include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and MMA. I work hard and do my homework to make sure that I leverage all the information before I make my picks.

Some people call me a Fanatic! I think that is a good thing as it recognizes my passion for what I do. My goal is to help people understand how to effectively wager. I also want to help women who want to learn about sport betting like I did. I am transparent and open and always willing to answer your questions.

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Lady D

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