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Lady D's Philosophy

My philosophy in sports betting is to first make sure that we are winning and profiting. Many professional sports handicappers will tout that they have the Whale’s Pick of the day, Game of the year, etc. Well …sorry to tell you that these are just marketing tactics. Typically, these are high favorites odds with a high probability to win, but they are a low value.

What I focus on is low odds opportunities, no higher than -150. These are good value odds such as dogs play! With me, it’s about transparency. I share my wins and losses. Other handicappers do not. They want you to believe that they ‘Win’ every day. This is impossible!

If you think sports betting is a get quick rich thing guess again. Sports betting is a marathon not a sprint. What you will find when you work with me is someone who is consistent, transparent and is able to show a profit every month. I am not your average woman bettor. I am about research, trends, line movements and ultimately showing results.

I invite you to join my way of betting and securing the bag!

All the best,

Lady D

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